Most often customers/clients are emphasized as being the key element and measurement for a successful business. However crucial for developing profits, there is another essential element for growth employers may overlook — the team behind their business. This is especially noticeable in larger corporations. By learning the importance of showing your appreciation and maintaining open lines of communication, as well as, other facets of a strong employer-employee relationship you will notice an invaluable improvement in productivity and loyalty that is unmatched.

“Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

5 ways to cultivate and maintain a strong employer-employee relationship:

1. Help Your Employees Traverse the “Corporate Ladder”

There are some employees who go day-in and day-out working behind their cubicles and never once consider the possibility of growing out of it. Great leaders do not put limits on the professional developments of their hires but instead help cultivate them. You should begin by educating your employees on your expectations and present milestones for climbing the corporate ladder. When you are upfront with your team about any opportunity of promotion, it can help keep them motivated to work hard, show that you genuinely care about their personal career, and build a foundation of loyalty.

2. Embrace Diversity

As a CEO, you will benefit from having a wider array of skills, races, personalities, and talents among your employees. By embracing all of this diversity you may better position your business for success through access to a larger customer base and creative innovation utilizing a variety of perspectives. “None of us are as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

3. Invest in Networking for Your Team

Let’s start this one with a couple of questions: Do you encourage networking inside and outside of the office? Do you supply your employees with the tools to fuel their own growth and success? You never know when a person you influence, as a leader, will cross your path in the future and what knowledge that person can now pass to you. Networking is about building professional relationships that provide mutual benefit. Having a circle of support can open doors to future opportunities and make each individual better leaders. Encouraging your employees to build their own network may lead to a more productive team with higher morale and greater cooperation. Ultimately, leading to their personal success and your companies.

4. Establish an Open-Door Policy and Don’t Micromanage

Communication is essential in all relationships, personal or professional. Without it, chaos! Employer-employee relations should be no different. Start by emphasizing an open-door policy. When your team feels comfortable voicing concerns and pitching new ideas to you, it establishes a less stressful work environment; an important basis for loyalty and drive. Let your employees know you hear them and then, take action towards any opinions, concerns, or ideas you find valid. Taking action is key.

One other aspect that goes along with communication is micro-managing. As a business owner, you do not need to have your hand in every minute task. Bottom-line you hired each person in your business for a reason, so let them do their job!

5. Show Appreciation for Their Contributions

Your employees work hard to meet the goals, deadlines, and expectations of your company to assist with its growth, so why not show your appreciation for their effort. It can be as small as a smile to show you notice or by leaving a short “thank you” note on their desk. No matter what you decide to do, regularly showing gratitude towards your employees may make them feel valued and increase their desire to perform above expectations.

In conclusion, putting effort towards developing strong employer-employee relationships are important for:

  • Retainment of employee loyalty and morale
  • Results in fewer work-related conflicts, because your employees feel valued
  • Increased team productivity, which may result in exponential company growth

Be an INSPIRATION to your employees and CREATE a healthy ENVIRONMENT where all can SUCCEED together!

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