As an entrepreneur, have you ever felt alone in your business?

Many business owners, like you, feel like they are trying to run the world by themselves. It seems they are facing another obstacle around every corner and slowly become overwhelmed and flustered. In their eyes, the business is failing and the entrepreneurs’ self-confidence dwindles with it as doubt takes over.

Then, there is an onslaught of questions like “Why Me?” and “What Went Wrong?” Can you relate?

If so, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to feel alone and sometimes your plans get thrown off course momentarily, and that is okay. There is such a thing called Business Collaboration that you can implement to help run your business so you aren’t always having to figure out everything on your own.

I will help you understand what business collaboration can look like for your business, why it is helpful, and how to get started.

What does business collaboration look like and how will it help you?

Business Collaboration is essentially a support system that takes part in group brainstorming using the entrepreneurs’ personal experiences in knowledge to help each other. This type of relationship gives you a sense of partnership without ownership. Seeking out collaboration is a great way to pour into others what you know and simultaneously give others the opportunity to share with you. Being involved in a group of like-minded individuals inspires others to be greater than what they know they can be.

One point you need to understand is that you are a unique person. Every choice you make and the services or products that you choose for your business are unique to you. No one can ever be YOU in their business. So, when you come across others with a similar product line or a business in the same field do not fret, you can both be successful. Remember, Only YOU can be YOU!

Furthermore, you have to be willing to listen to others in order to help you and them progress towards the growth and success you dream of. You have heard it said:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”


Listening is a sought after skill that should be refined and practiced regularly for entrepreneurs because listening is how you will learn from business collaboration. This concept is second only to, being willing to share your knowledge, ideas, and experiences with others.

Remember: A business starts with listening.

1) to your heart, passions, and desires (inner thoughts)

2) to what the community wants/needs

3) to mentors and business collaboration partners

We listen in order to learn and that will lead us to success without stress.

How do I collaborate with other businesses?

1. Build a small network of entrepreneurs who are working at the same level as your business. It also helps if you have a mix of strengths and weaknesses to help build each other up. The goal is to build a group where everyone can share openly, support one another, celebrate each person’s victories, and grow together as business owners.

2. There are many aspects to building a business besides just making money. When you are looking to build your team think about other areas as well like marketing, operations, employee management, etc., and then consider where each of those people’s talents will best fit to serve your company.

3. Giving is better than receiving! Think about ways you can give to other businesses using your knowledge and experiences before deciding what you need in return. What are a few methods you have found useful in progressing your own business? What would you like to learn from others?

4. This is a two-way relationship! Both parties must be willing to help each other out, a mutual success. This will not work if one person is doing all the giving and the other is taking in the knowledge without giving anything in return. One, don’t be selfish with your knowledge. It is not hurting you to share and aid others in success. Two, try to see this as a priceless support system. Three, “teamwork makes the dream(s) work.”

5. Collaboration is like a think tank for your business. There may be times when all parties involved have the same stumbling block. This creates a great opportunity for everyone to brainstorm a solution together, to an obstacle that benefits everyone to overcome.


Business collaboration is one of the keys to success and building a strong, profitable business. Remember, the only ones who set the rules are the people involved. So, choose partners you are comfortable with and feel empowered to be around. Collaborating opportunities are endless if you are only willing to look!


If you are interested in joining a business collaboration group with Small Business Accounting, please send an email to for more information.