As a business owner, have you ever found your thoughts being run by your bottom line? If so, you may want to refocus your mind on things like why you started, what joy the business brings into your life, and relearn how to balance what you GIVE with what you desire to RECEIVE. Humans, like the world, find stability in balance. It is true that if your business doesn’t make a profit it’s a hobby. However, giving away free information to your clients/customers, making reasonable donations to causes you believe in, and sharing your knowledge through business collaboration have their benefits.


I will run through a few of the most valuable reasons for giving in business:


1. Helps you build a trustworthy reputation, leading to growth:

When you give free tidbits of advice to clients/customers in the form of a giveaway or a downloadable PDF it instills mutual trust and validates your expertise. Ultimately increasing your customer retention and loyalty to your company/brand. Remember, your customer/client relationship can make or break your business; you cannot grow without consumer support, so why not nurture that trust and see where it takes you!

2. Creates a loyal employee base:

In business, you are the mastermind but having a committed and loyal team behind you makes your company flourish. A solid employee/employer relationship begins with your willingness to take time to get to know them individually, giving them the opportunity to speak freely, and offering great benefits as well as, options to grow with the company. I could spend a whole blog talking about how to support this relationship, but the bottom line is to start with what you can GIVE or invest in them and the payoff will be exceptional!

3. Using Business Collaboration Starts with Giving:

Seeking out business owners, like yourself, and freely offering your knowledge to help them overcome an obstacle will create an unbreakable support system for your personal growth. These relationships should be professional and start with what you have to give (knowledge, time, and support) not what you need. Business Collaboration (BUSINESS COLLABORATION: THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS (, done right, will lead to mutual success for all parties and endless opportunities to learn.


“Only by #giving are you able to receive more than you already have.”

-Jim Rohn


How and What you can Give?

“The very act of philanthropy is actually at the very heart of the free-market philosophy that has driven the growth and success of many entrepreneurs.”

-Forbes Article by Kumar Arora

Five Powerful Ways To Give Back As An Entrepreneur (

Give Your Time:

One of the best ways to give back as an entrepreneur is to offer up your time to help others. This will look different for every person but think of ways your personal experiences could inspire others. For example, this may mean going into schools and educating the children about what it is you do and telling your story, who knows one of them may be inspired to follow in your footsteps. No matter what you decide, make sure it comes from the heart.

Give Your Money and Think Local

When it comes to donating money or giving to charity, I believe you should search local first. What community affects your personal accomplishments directly? Where are you from?

After all, your business may be fueled by your local community, so what better way than to make the money go full circle. For example, donate to a project that cleans up a neighborhood by where you live or to support a tutoring center that helps less fortunate kids prepare for their future. Plus, who doesn’t want to see how their generosity makes a difference first-hand.

Give Your Knowledge

As I mentioned above, giving your knowledge to those who are trying to follow a similar path will be rewarding all on its own. Whether this is to struggling entrepreneurs, young adults with career doubts, or speaking at an online conference and sharing your expertise with the world. There is no person like you, so do not fear detrimental consequences by giving to another what you have to offer. You can build up others while maintaining your personal success and who knows they may turn around and assist you in the future.

GIVE FREELY, OFTEN, and TRULY from the heart and you will attract equally positive people and opportunities back into your own life.


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